Get Colour Shade Code from Images with Asian Paints Snap It

Snap It

The world is full of inspiring ideas. With the new Snap It tool, you can get shade codes for every image you ‘snap’ – so now you can not only share your inspiration ideas but also replicate them in your home!

What is Snap It?

Through Snap It, you can discover the closest Asian Paints shade code of the images you snap from the Internet or upload on your 'Inspiration Wall'.

Add this button to your bookmarks by dragging it to your bookmarks toolbar. Snap It
Since Your Are Using Internet Explorer, Right Click, Select "Add To Favourite" And Then Choose "Favourite Bar" In The Drop Down Menu

How does it work?

Drag and drop the red Snap It button on the left to your bookmarks toolbar to begin. Whenever you come across an image you like on the worldwide web, simply

  • Select 'Snap It' from your bookmarks
  • Hover over the image
  • Click on the Snap It button to find out the closest Asian Paints shade name and code
  • You can also log in and save the image and shade codes to your Inspiration Wall

Watch Snap It in action.

Watch Snap Video
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Let us make painting an joyful journey instead of a chore.

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Moreover you can save each step as you go along to track your progress or make changes later.