Why does the paint on my wall look wrinkled?

What is it?

Wrinkling is when a painted surface looks rough and crinkled, which usually occurs when uncured paint forms a skin.

What are the possible causes?

  • Applying paint, especially if it is oil-based, too thickly.
  • Uneven paint drying – paint film dries faster on top if you paint when it’s either very hot, or cold and damp.
  • Uncured paint is exposed to high humidity.
  • Exposing uncured paint to rain, dew.
  • Top coat is applied in conditions of high humidity.
  • Applying top coat of paint to insufficiently dried first coat.
  • Painting over dirty or waxy surfaces.

How can I fix this problem?

  • Repaint in the right conditions, avoiding high temperatures and extreme humidity.
  • Remove wrinkled coating before repainting by scraping or sanding substrate. Apply primer and allow it to dry completely before applying topcoat.
  • Use a high quality top coat and apply it evenly and in the right concentration.
  • In exterior situations, scrape or sand substrate to remove wrinkled paint and repaint with a high quality exterior finish.
  • Apply at manufacturer’s recommended spread rate. Do remember that two coats at the right spread rate are better than one thick coat.
  • If you’re painting during very hot, cold or damp conditions, give the paint extra drying time between coats.