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application process

Step 1

Selecting paints and shades, the correct set of products and a suitable finish.

How we help you decide:

1. We help you choose products and finishes within our range of products

2. The Product Information Sheets (PIS) provide all the information you need to know about the products.

3. Site sampling provides a tangible perception of the finish and shade whenever required.

4. Technical assistance ensures your building is painted as per the prescribed manner.

5. Regular site visits by our Project Sales Officer make sure the work progresses smoothly and on time.


Step 2

Activities ranging from selecting a painting applicator to post-painting care

How we help you decide:

1. We offer guidance on the paint application procedure based on our Product Information Sheets

2. Help with approximating paint consumption based on the information we procure.

3. Guidance with substrate preparation. This depends on the existing condition of the substrate.

4. Surface inspection by technical personnel before the paint job begins.

5. Introduction of contractors for application (if requested).

6. Site visits by our personnel (frequency of visits to be agreed upon).

7. Useful tips on post-application maintenance.